A Behind-The-Scenes look at the Anointment Workshop

Our friend Matt from Yorke Photography spent a day with us this fall to document our work day so we could show you a little behind the scenes and how Anointment products are made.

Our workshop is set up like any kitchen you might find in a restaurant with stainless steel work surfaces, a sink, induction burners, and other specialized equipment like a filling machine and a labeler. Anointment products start with the very best natural, certified organic, certified fair trade ingredients. Some are grown by us in our own gardens, others by local organic farmers. The remainder we purchase from trusted suppliers. To make our ointments, We warm herbs in certified organic extra virgin olive oil over many hours to allow the herbal properties to transfer to the oil. Then, the olive oil “tea” is gently strained, heated with beeswax, bottled, labeled and sealed. Every step is done by hand with care and attention, and we love every minute of it.

We hope you’ll enjoy this tiny glimpse into our cruelty-free certified workshop!