The intention of wellness motivates us daily. Every day in our office and workshop is an adventure in collaboration. We have adopted a culture of wellness and intention at Anointment that allows each team member to have a flexible work schedule to better promote a balanced life.

With every product we make we consider the end user and how the product can provide a moment of supported self-care.

We are connected to nature. Living and working here on the Tantramar marshes allows us to spend a lot of time outside, drawing inspiration from the historic landscape and the traditional uses of local plant life.

April MacKinnon, Owner

We are committed to creating product formulations that are intentional and transparent. Each ingredient we choose plays a key functional role in our products. We research every ingredient for its benefits to skin and wellness, paying attention to environmental sustainability of its production and local economic benefits. We choose to work with suppliers we can build relationships with, who support organic agriculture, and who are working to improve their communities.