Our Process

Made Traditionally, Backed by Science

We use traditional herbal knowledge combined with scientific evidence as the basis of our formulations and select ingredients that will promote wellness and environmental sustainability. Our formulations are tested and evaluated by independent third-party laboratories to ensure safety and stability.

  • Whole, organic ingredients
  • Certified cruelty free
  • Locally grown and wildcrafted ingredients (one of my greatest joys is a day spent collecting herbs in a local meadow)
  • Small batches with great attention to quality and detail
  • Natural aromatic plant extracts and essential oils
  • Glass packaging, avoiding plastic where possible, and promoting recyclable/reusable packages

Our soaps and body care products are made in small batches, by hand. This way, we can ensure product quality and attention to detail. We grow our own herbs and research each product ingredient extensively with attention to the tiniest detail.

Anointment is certified cruelty free which means our products are not tested on animals. We have also confirmed with each of our suppliers that our raw materials are not tested on animals.

Many Anointment products are vegan and have been certified vegan. We use beeswax and honey in some of our products. Our beeswax is sourced from a family apiary in Manitoba and our honey is collected from our backyard beehives at Four Corners Apiary.