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Our Raison d’Etre

We’ve met many wonderful people with extraordinary stories to tell of how natural living transformed, and in some cases, saved their lives. There are a lot of products available on the market, and if the media attention surrounding toxic compounds here and dangerous substances there are any indication, you can’t always trust what’s on a store shelf to be safe.

Baby Balm being infused

Baby Balm being infused

To maintain high standards and quality integrity, Anointment:

  • Uses only the purest ingredients in our products. No synthetic fragrances, colours, petroleum products, or artificial anything.
  • Does not test on animals, is certified cruelty-free, and we have researched each and every one of our ingredients to ensure they have not been tested on animals.
  • Uses certified organic ingredients wherever possible, choosing next unsprayed wildcrafted ingredients.
  • Hand crafts in small batches with great attention to quality and detail.
  • Uses the finest natural aromatic plant extracts and essential oils.
  • Uses minimal packaging, avoiding plastic where possible, and promoting recyclable/reusable packages.