Anointment Love in Two Directions

Soothing Skin Ointment
Soothing Skin Ointment


We receive some amazing emails from customers providing feedback and suggestions on our products regularly. Lately, we’ve been receiving an above average number of emails showing love and gratitude for some of the products we make. This week, we received an incredible note of feedback from a young family living, working and farming in the Amazon Rainforest and how much they love our Soothing Skin Ointment. When I shared it with the team at Anointment, we beamed with pride all day.


We love what we do here. Our Production Manager is an incredible woman with a passion for cooking good food and she brings her kitchen organization skills to our production workshop. A definite bonus is she feeds us on the regular. Our soap maker, who happens to be my father, took over on a temporary basis when I was expecting my third child back in 2010 and loves making soap so much he has yet to retire – and he turns 70 this year! He is so meticulous and organized when making soap and has the system down to a science that it really is best not to mess with his system. Our shipping manager brings 18 years of retail experience to the table and has amazing organizational skills and keeps your orders moving efficiently. We share ideas and work as a team to determine the best ways for Anointment to move forward.


Time and time again, though, we are blown away at how you – busy, amazing, multi-tasking, often overstretched – you, take the time to send us love notes just because you want to. And I have to say, YOU are really the best. Sometimes we get stuck in our little world of book keeping and little daily tasks and lose sight of the Anointment vision (to create a culture that promotes wellness among our customers and employees). And then you step in and send us a love note and we take a deep breath and remember the WHY. Why we are doing what we do and why we believe in it and live it and love it so much.

The latest love note we received blew me away. Not only because of the distance and effort involved in getting product to her in South America from Canada, but because when I responded to thank Mela for taking the time to send that note, she responded that not only does she generally NOT take the time, but she really only has access to the internet once every two months! And we were floored. In the limited time she has to do all of the things we do online, she took the time to send our little Anointment team a note of gratitude.

That in itself is worth so much, and we in turn are grateful.

Thank you to every single one of you, it is your encouragement that keeps us moving forward. For eleven years I have been saying we have the best group of supporters ever, and it is proven time and time again, we REALLY do. We are so very fortunate.