Anointment Nipple Butter is featured online at EcoParent Magazine‘s blog article round up of vegan Nipple Creams. Certified organic, vegan, and it totally works! Nourishing ingredients like shea, and anti-inflammatory helpers like calendula and marshmallow, Anointment Natural Skin Care Nipple Butter helps to create a protective barrier on the skin thanks to the candelilla wax!

Anointment Nipple Butter is featured in the Winter 2017 issue of EcoParent Magazine‘s skin round up entitled Be Your Own Skin-Saving Superhero This Winter. Calling all new mamas! Certified vegan, chock full of amazing oils and herbs (like fair trade shea butter, and organic marshmallow and calendula), this butter is up for the challenge of… Read More »

Anointment’s cocoa butter rich Belly Butter has been featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Canada’s EcoParent magazine. Handmade in good ol’ Canada, this stuff has a dreamy texture like, well, “like buttah”! A healthy helping of cocoa butter yields a rich chocolatey scent and effective plant-based healing. Oh – and it may seem trivial… Read More »