Behind the Scenes Part II

Filling Rose Toner

:: It’s a rainy grey day outside and the lighting is poor in the workshop today, sorry for the shadows and sharp contrasts! Filling Rose Toner bottles one at a time…

cooling Belly Butter butters

:: Had only just started filling the Rose Toner bottles when the butters for Belly Butter had cooled and were ready to go. There is a trick to cooling the butters, but I’m going to keep it my little secret…

stickering the bottles

:: Adding the lot number stickers to the jars in prep for bottling. The lot numbers correspond to the date the product was made NOT the expiry date (which is generally about 12 months from production).

Whip it Good!

:: The butters are combined with oils and emulsifiers and whipped at high speed until they reach an optimum thickness – it is REALLY tricky to do this, it is either too thin or it thickens too fast. Time, patience and lots of experience is the only way to get it right. Temperature also plays a HUGE factor. Too hot and it won’t solidify, too cool and it hardens too fast. I had lots of trouble in the heat of summer getting product to set properly.

One batch of Belly Butter

:: The results of one batch of Belly Butter. Tiny, tiny batches!