We are looking for a detail-oriented person to fill a summer/seasonal position in our production team. If you enjoy working in a dynamic environment committed to continuous improvement, please apply with your CV and cover letter before June 25, 2021. This position is supported by Canada Summer Jobs and is open to individuals aged 15-30…. Read More »

It’s been a year of “pivot” and “unprecedented”. Challenges and opportunities we never could have imagined.  For over a decade you have been sending emails and stories, photos and feedback about how our products have made your family life, and your days a little bit easier and a little bit better. To celebrate the resilience… Read More »

I love this series happening on social right now, and it is very timely. If you recall, this year started with a BANG! We were moving to a new space, planning to renovate, and had big plans. THEN THERE WAS MARCH. In March, just prior to March Break, I had met with contractors to get… Read More »

In January 2020, after looking at many buildings and speaking to every commercial property owner in Sackville over the last five years, Anointment signed a lease to move from our 160 sq. ft. home-based production space to a 400 sq. ft. dedicated space. By June 2020 it was obvious this move was not meant to… Read More »

We’ve been making natural soap using the same recipe since 2002. When it comes to soap, we’ve got you covered to step up your hand washing routine without turning your hands into dinosaur skin! How does soap work? The science of hand washing with soap and water is NOT to kill viruses and bacteria, but… Read More »

What is Soap? Soap is made by mixing fats (an acid) and sodium hydroxide (lye). The resulting chemical reaction produces soap and glycerine. When the fats and oils come into contact with the lye they are saponifying, or turning into soap. The two most critical components of the chemical reaction are mixing between the acid… Read More »