In January 2020, after looking at many buildings and speaking to every commercial property owner in Sackville over the last five years, Anointment signed a lease to move from our 160 sq. ft. home-based production space to a 400 sq. ft. dedicated space. By June 2020 it was obvious this move was not meant to… Read More »

The science of hand washing with soap and water is NOT to kill viruses and bacteria, but to attract them and keep them suspended in the soap so that they are removed from your hands through friction along with dirt and washed down the drain. Soap molecules are pin-shaped – one end attracts water, and… Read More »

What is Soap? Soap is made by mixing fats (an acid) and sodium hydroxide (lye). The resulting chemical reaction produces soap and glycerine. When the fats and oils come into contact with the lye they are saponifying, or turning into soap. The two most critical components of the chemical reaction are mixing between the acid… Read More »

My friend Nat, whom I met in Grade 6 and despite a rocky start, became best my friend and roommate through our university years, described me recently as having a ‘curious mind’. It’s true, I devour information and, even in this digital age, I prefer to read an actual paper book. I get comments all… Read More »

I find it hard to arrange furniture and figure out how much table space/storage space is needed for all the items we use. We work in a kitchen that already existed for the moment, so we’ve made the existing storage fit what we have. When you’re coming at it from the other direction, I find… Read More »

It has been a LONG time coming. For nine years Anointment products have been made in a dedicated kitchen on my home property. In the beginning, my computer was located in the kitchen and orders were picked and packed every Sunday on my dining room table. Over time, Anointment grew – we took over the… Read More »