Behind the Scenes

Workshop Buff

:: It appears that I could use more sleep! Got my ‘soapmaking buff’ on – far cuter than a hairnet but makes me feel like a Russian Matroyshka doll. Pencil securely tucked behind ear. Here’s what I’m listening to while I work: 8 Tracks Mashups.

Belly Butter Bowls

:: Stainless Steel bowls sterilized and ready for Belly Butter-making.

Recipes and Production Notes

::Essentials: production notes binder, super-secret well-loved folder of recipes, black Sharpie, good pencil.

Melted Butter

:: Melting the butters for Belly Butter, our most labour-intensive (pardon the pun) product!

Rose Toner Bottles

:: Sterilizing and Disinfecting the Rose Toner bottles

Soothing Skin Ointment

:: Step 1 of Soothing Skin Ointment: the herbal infusion. Inspirational (and good reminder) plaque hanging behind the stove.