New Momma (Postpartum) Care Kit from Oh Mother Care Kits

(Photo credit: Laura Ellen MacDonald)

The Transition to Motherhood

The transition to motherhood is magical and beautiful, but also emotionally challenging. Your attention is focused on learning to meet the needs of your new baby while physically recovering and learning so many new skills: feeding, diapering, soothing, sleeping, what all the sounds mean. It can feel overwhelming and it is so easy to lose ourselves as women in the process of becoming a mother.

Nicole Landry, owner of Oh Mother Care Kits, a Canadian subscription box service, describes it as a reality check that can sneak up on you: “…it happens easy enough, new moms will completely neglect themselves in their quest to meet their baby’s every need. In many instances, they have to hold their bladders, delay their showers and forgo brushing their teeth. It’s inevitable that self-care takes a pretty severe nose-dive as a new mom. However, some gentle care and attention is necessary and possible.

The postpartum body has been through a lot of changes, transformations and trauma. New moms need to heal! They need care as much as their babies. With little time to focus on themselves, new moms need support from their loved ones; gentle reminders of their value and worth and oodles of love and encouragement.”

Oh Mother Care New Momma (Postpartum) Care Kit

Nicole has curated the Oh Mother Care Kits New Momma Care Kit to help women meet these needs. Containing all natural, Canadian made and full-sized care products intended specifically for the postpartum woman we are thrilled to have Anointment Postpartum Bath Herbs included in this thoughtful gift box.

This would make an amazing gift from a best friend to another, sister to sister, woman to woman, mother to daughter. Oh Mother Care Kits have dug deep and are full to the brim with pragmatic products and information that will truly be useful while being beautifully packaged and presented to also provide a little eye candy and something to look forward to using.