Crème visage nourrissante

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Un produit vedette! Adorée comme crème de nuit, elle laisse votre visage doux et souple. 35 % de beurre de karité, fouetté à la perfection.

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Une crème faciale onctueuse bien-aimée, composée à plus de 30 % de beurre de karité certifié biologique et équitable provenant d’une coopérative de femmes au Ghana, fouettée à la perfection avec de l’huile de noix de coco vierge biologique, de l’huile de jojoba et juste une touche d’huile essentielle de lavande pour apaiser la peau irritée et aider à contrôler les imperfections. Réputé pour son incroyable pouvoir hydratant, le beurre de karité est souvent utilisé pour minimiser les effets du vieillissement et nourrir la peau.

MODE D’EMPLOI : La Crème visage nourrissante est très concentrée et offre de meilleures propriétés hydratantes lorsqu’elle est appliquée sur une peau humide après le nettoyage. Appliquer une petite quantité sur le front, chaque joue et le menton, puis masser doucement.

Conserver à une température inférieure à 20 °C.



Butyrospermum parkii (beurre de karité)*, huile de graine de Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba), huile de graine de Helianthus annuus (tournesol)*, huile de Cocos nucifera (noix de coco)*, Glycérine, huile essentielle de Lavandula officinalis (lavande), Tocopherol (vitamine E), Linalol.

*certifié biologique

13 évaluations pour Crème visage nourrissante

  1. Français


    I am a picky, picky person who worked for years in the cosmetic industry. I have tried more creams, potions and lotions than most people could or would in 10 lifetimes. About 8 years ago, I switched to ‘clean’ products due to irritating, toxic chemicals wreaking havoc on my skin. I tried several ‘clean’ creams, but most either contained a plethora of the latest, greatest and trendiest ingredients at a price that was as ridiculous as the ingredients in the cream or the creams were just meh. By chance, I found Anointment and ordered the Nourishing Facial Cream. This cream is as simple as it is effective, as it is beautiful. It moisturizes, soothes (the skin and the mind- thank you lavender!), corrects any weird rough spots and provides a protective barrier. The ingredients are, as it says, nourishing. You can use it all over so no need for a separate eye cream. It is very rich (but will not cause break outs), so start small and massage in. I like to do a lymphatic face massage (takes 2-3 minutes) on a face that is damp with rose water, but you could just massage in on a damp or dry face in any old way that feels good- just be gentle. Wait a few minutes (10 is ideal) before you apply makeup. It will absorb and your skin will thank you. This cream will last forever and is very reasonably priced. It is great for the hands and body, too. Finally, I must mention the gorgeous scent of lavender and cocoa butter. It’s like a big, comforting hug. Thank you Anointment!

  2. Français

    Renee Warren

    LOVE this product. It’s the perfect nighttime cream. I use it every night and my skin is SO nourished and moisturized. It doesn’t cause breakouts or bumps (I have a mixed skin type) – so I worried about that – but it’s great!

    I have been using now for 6-months and still going strong.

  3. Français

    Janice Mason

    I have been using this product for many years. Love it, love it. I had a small skin cancer removed in December. In March on my follow up visit, the surgeon commented on how healthy my skin looks. Credit to Anointment cream, toner and serum. Sixty six year old skin . Thanks April and Company.

  4. Français


    I bought this product about 6 months ago as I was dealing with dry skin during the winter months and I’m so glad I did! I’m still using this product during the summer months even though my skin isn’t dry and it provides just enough moisture. The cream is quite thick when applied but really soaks into the skin after 10-15 minutes. A really great cream to use bed.

  5. Français


    Wow!! I had been searching for a face cream and never found one good like this. Fits perfect with my skin. I’m sure it would compliment any skin type. Thank you very much!
    Also happy to see that Anointment was local!

  6. Français


    I ordered a small container to try it and I love it!! Definitely including this product as part of my daily skin regime!

  7. Français


    I love this product, order a small jar to start and just got my bigger one. I love the way my skin looks and feels. Definitely my new and forever face moisturizer .

  8. Français


    This Anointment Nourishing Facial cream has been a God send! After celebrating a “special” birthday earlier this year, my skin seemed to change overnight. I realized that I needed something heavy duty to help and remembered trying a sample size of this facial cream a few years back. First of all, the labeling on the Anointment products is so pretty and uplifting that you just feel so good using it! Also, the jar is full to the brim and, even though I use it every night and most mornings, I know it will be long lasting. (I even managed to drop a good-sized dollop on my back deck–which the dog ate, with no ill effects, before I had a chance to clean it up–and still have plenty left.) Of course, the scent is earthy and lovely and everything I have come to expect from the Anointment products. To top it off, Anointment products are formulated within an hour from my house—a win-win for me and for all others who have discovered this gem of a Canadian skincare company!

  9. Français


    5 stars! This cream is my go to night cream. The next day, my skin still feels quite moisturized. A little goes a long way which I love. I am noticing a difference in my skin texture – my face appears smoother.

  10. Français


    This is by far the most nourishing facial cream I have ever used- and I’ve used many.
    I have dry/ dull skin that normally drinks up serums/ toners/ moisturizers. But this facial cream is SO hydrating and leaves your skin feeling so soft, plump and nourished. I love how little I need (normally I’d use a tsp size of moisturizer to get the job done), just a pea size amount really works wonders. I’ve been using this daily for 3 weeks now and my skin always looks glowing a bright, and sooo healthy. I’ve received compliments and even my husband can tell I’ve been using something different!! I LOVE this product!

  11. Français


    I had decided a few years ago that I would no longer use expensive, chemical laden products on my skin. I found a local business that made an anti-aging cream that I loved. When she decided to stop working I set out to find a replacement. I had received a bar of soap as a gift from Anointment that I love so choose this cream plus the serum. I love them both. I use the cream in the morning. A very small amount is all that is needed. It feels like rubbing silk on your face. It leaves my skin shiny for a few minutes then soaks in. My face feels soft all day. Before bed I use the serum which also makes my face feel lovely soft, not greasy. I’ve been using for about a month and notice my skin looks younger and has a nice even tone. I am extremely happy with my purchase.

  12. Français


    I have used this product for a year now, and highly recommend it.

  13. Français


    Excellente crème qui protège et hydrate bien ma peau été comme hiver sans provoquer de réaction cutanée, une réelle trouvaille pour moi, merci !!!

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