Thank you for your wonderful service and natural products used by my family and me on a daily basis for almost five years. Continue to flourish as a beautiful garden.

I received your products in the mail last week.I was excited to start using them right away. Absolutely awesome stuff!!!!I just wanted to thank you and the Anointment staff for making my skin feel and look great. I have a smile on my face each time I use it!

My little family and I live in the Amazon, yes the rainforest. That means humidity and bugs. Oh! and many more bugs. Stings, scrapes and you name it: our skin gets pretty beat up. However, we love it. One thing that helps (a lot) is your Soothing Skin Ointment. It calms the bites and actually… Read More »

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy using your Soothing Skin Ointment. I have seasonal eczema around my lips and it has helped me tremendously. I use it at the first sign of a flare up and it eases the inflammation almost instantly. Prior to this product the only thing that would work… Read More »

…I absolutely love your shea butter cream! It’s so smooth, I could just bathe in it. But I wont, don’t worry. I started the transition to cruelty free products almost two years ago, and I was happy to learn that your company is cruelty free. It will ensure my business continues!

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I love Anointment products! I have used the baby balm, baby oil, push balm and the Nipple cream. I cannot say enough great things about them! My babies have never had diaper rash and if I saw a bit of redness start, the… Read More »