The Heritage of Soapmaking

Handmade Heritage
Preserving the Heritage of Soapmaking in Sackville, New Brunswick (Canada)

Each month I write a blog post for Oh My! Handmade Goodness. This month’s article features a look into why we made the move from city to rural and how Anointment and my family are working to preserve handmade heritage. With ongoing renovations in our home that are revealing a lot of great secrets! That our home is post and beam construction, for example, with beautiful, huge hand-hewn beams creating the “skeleton” and block-printed intricate wallpaper designs still pasted to the original plaster. We’re happier than ever to be preserving the stories that come with a 150 year old home and to be making soap and other products by hand using some of the herbs and botanicals we’re growing – with plans for more!