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How DOES Soap Remove Viruses From Your Hands?

We’ve been making natural soap using the same recipe since 2002. When it comes to soap, we’ve got you covered to step up your hand washing routine without turning your hands into dinosaur skin!

How does soap work?

The science of hand washing with soap and water is NOT to kill viruses and bacteria, but to attract them and keep them suspended in the soap so that they are removed from your hands through friction along with dirt and washed down the drain.

Using proper hand washing techniques, soap will remove some viruses (including COVID-19) from your hands. Coronavirus (and other influenza-causing viruses, Ebola, and Zika) has their genetic material encased in a fatty layer called the lipid envelope

Soap molecules are pin-shaped – one end attracts water, and the other end attracts oil. The oil-loving end of the molecule attracts the fatty layer of COVID-19, binds to it, and washes it down the drain when you rinse your hands with water. 

For resources on how to protect yourself and your loved ones, please refer to reputable evidence-based resources including Health Canada.