KISS: Fall & Winter Facial Care Tips from Anointment

Happy Fall! At Anointment we know you’re busy. We know you like to eat organic and buy your veggies at your local Farmers’ Market. We know you care about what you put on and in your body. We know you like to Keep It Simple, Sister (KISS)! We are moving into the season of jeans, scarves, pumpkin spice lattes and thinking about Thanksgiving and Halloween. As the seasons change and moisture levels in the air begin to drop, our facial skin regimes begin to change. After a summer of sunscreen and minimal makeup, we start to notice our facial skin begins to feel tight and dry. There is a simple way to combat dryness, here is the daily regime I use:

1. Drink LOTS of water. Staying properly hydrated and eating well is the first step to glowing skin.

2. Herbal Clay Cleanser

Herbal Clay Cleanser – a nutrient-dense powder that packs a punch without overdrying or stripping!

Use as a daily cleanser by placing a dollar-coin sized amount in the palm of your hand and mix into a paste with tap water. Exfoliate gently to remove makeup, dirt and excess oil. Follow with Rose Toner to restore facial pH and close your pores and Shea Butter Cream to moisturize and balance sebum. April’s tip: I use Herbal Clay Cleanser at night to remove makeup and tighten my skin before bed. In the morning I use a warm water splash or Calendula soap.

Make a luxurious facial mask by mixing Herbal Clay Cleanser with honey (normal skin), plain yogurt (normal, sensitive, dry) or avocado (dry skin). Apply to face taking care around eyes, nostrils, and mouth. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse well. Follow with Rose Toner and Shea Butter Cream. Use up to twice a week.

3. Rose Toner

Rose Toner

Anointment Rose Toner is a luxurious and skin-soothing combination of rose hydrosol, astringent witch hazel, vegetable glycerine, plant extracts and essential oils including lavender and tea tree oil – both of which are great at controlling blemishes. Spritz liberally after cleansing to close the pores, restore your skin’s pH balance and prepare for moisturizing.

4. Shea Butter Cream

Shea Butter Cream – highly concentrated and perfect for dry, winter skin.

Contains 35% organic, fair-trade Shea butter, virgin coconut oil and jojoba oils to moisturize and balance sebum production. Very little is needed – a dab on each cheek, forehead and chin will be enough to moisturize your face. Makes a great under makeup moisturizer and as a night cream. April’s tip: I do both – morning and night! Perfect for dry winter skin.

Some of the ingredients in our facial care products and what they do:

Shea Butter – also known as African Karite is derived from the pits of a fruit grown on the Shea trees of central Africa and has been renowned for generations to soothe and soften dry, chapped skin while also moisturizing and nourishing. Shea Butter production is well established in Africa with many fair-trade and certified organic social enterprises employing women in the production of cosmetic grade Shea Butter. At Anointment we use Shea Butter that is certified organic and certified fair trade.

Jojoba Oil – Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax harvested from the jojoba plant which grows in arid, desert like environments. The chemical structure resembles sebum and can actually dissolve sebum, which makes it perfect for people with oily and acne prone skin. It is also often indicated for dry skin and irritated skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Kaolin (Clay) – Clay is absorbent and draws out impurities in the skin. It contains silica and other trace elements to help restore tired, sluggish skin.

Hydrosols (Floral Water) – We use Canadian rose water in our Rose Toner. Hydrosols are rejuvenating and antiseptic.

Sweet Orange Peel (Citrus aurantium) – we use both ground certified organic sweet orange peel and sweet orange essential oil in our Herbal Clay Cleanser. The peel provides exfoliation and is great for dull, oily skin. Sweet Orange essential oil helps stimulate the lymphatic system.

Virgin Coconut Oil – Virgin coconut oil is very trendy for skin care – we’ve been using it since the very beginning (2002). Rich in protein and fat, coconut oil works to reduce moisture loss through the pores. The capric/caprylic/lauric acid content of virgin coconut oil have disinfectant and antimicrobial properties.

Lavender Essential Oil – Lavender essential oil is a MUST HAVE in every first aid and beauty kit. One of the only essential oils that can be used neat (directly) on the skin, lavender essential oil is calming, can soothe headaches, and – insider tip – a drop directly on a blemish will speed the healing process. Perfect for adolescent skin!

Tocopherol (Vitamin E) – Tocopherol helps improve shelf life by delaying oil rancidity. Bonus: vitamin E also helps soften dry skin and improves healing time. Our vitamin E is derived from certified organic non-GMO soybean.