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Diving into how reframing our self-limiting beliefs and behaviours and bravely chasing our dreams, ripple out to change the world, one action at a time. And how, sometimes, it is the small moments in life that lead to a complete pivot in perspective, only to be found in hindsight.

Dr. Jennifer Salib-Huber, RD, ND breaks down perimenopause.

Talking about reproductive health often ends at postpartum. We’re here to change that. An important discussion for anyone who will experience perimenopause and those who care for them.

Learn the difference between perimenopause and menopause and what common symptoms you may expect with changing hormones and why they happen. Learn some holistic coping strategies, how nutrition and body movement can help (spoiler: it’s not a specific diet or exercise routine). You’re not going crazy, and you’re not alone.

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