Baby Powder

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A talc-free formula with soothing organic herbs and moisture-absorbing powders will protect your baby’s delicate skin. An effective body powder.

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A talc free herbal powder made with absorbent clay and arrowroot and a special blend of gentle certified organic herbs to help relieve irritated skin. Lightly scented with lavender essential oil. 

HOW TO OPEN THE CONTAINER: Line up the kidney shaped openings on both layers of the plastic cover. Using a kitchen knife, the end of a pair of scissors or other pointed object, carefully push around the kidney shaped opening until the seal is broken. 

HOW TO USE: Apply liberally to clean, dry skin as needed at each diaper change or, for all ages, use to prevent chafing on thighs, arm, under bust and anywhere skin could use a little extra moisture control. Avoid eyes, nose and mouth.If rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Active uses:

  • Apply Baby Powder to cycling shorts to control moisture and to prevent chafing of tender areas.
  • Dust swim caps with Baby Powder to keep from pulling hair.
  • During summer skirt weather we use it to keep thighs (and arms, and bust) from chafing in the humidity!


Additional information


80 g


Maranta Arundinacea Root Powder*, Kaolin, Althea Offinalis Root*, Achillea Millefolium Flower*, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil

(*Certified Organic Ingredient)

2 reviews for Baby Powder

  1. Athena Kritikos

    Love this baby powder. I use it in my sons diaper area on hot day to help keep him dry.

  2. Elizabeth Ellen Kasian-Rocheleau

    I bought this powder for myself ! Prevents chafing when cycling and has a lovely clean scent. Also good on hot sticky days. I highly recommend this product!

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