Organic Cotton Sherpa Washcloths


Quite possibly the best washcloths in the world! Made with organic cotton, unbelievably soft and versatile. Package of 5.

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Quite possibly the softest washcloth in the world, and the most versatile!

Packaged in sets of 5, the fabric is organic, dye free and made in Canada by Colibri Canada in St. Adolphe, Manitoba. Amazing value, quick drying, soft texture that won’t scratch!

Some ways to use your Organic Cotton Sherpa Washcloths:

  • A favourite among our customers as facial washcloths
  • Wrap your bar of soap inside it and use it wash mitt-style
  • Reusable diaper wipes
  • Wet with hot water and use to soften whiskers before shaving
  • Kitchen cloth/dish cloth
  • Cleaning kid hands and faces


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