Soothing Skin Ointment

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Medicine cabinet must-have! A go-to all-purpose herbal ointment for minor scrapes, cuts, burns, and itchy skin. Put it on everything!

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Use on minor cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises, sunburns, bug bites – you name it – our signature balm can help! Approaching super hero status among our customers, Soothing Skin Ointment is an all-purpose ointment containing skin soothing herbs in a certified organic olive oil base. This ointment generates exceptional feedback from individuals with extremely sensitive skin. Protects against and relieves dry, cracked, chapped skin. It can’t fly, it can’t leap over tall buildings, but Soothing Skin Ointment will help save the day!

HOW TO USE: Apply a layer of Soothing Skin Ointment to clean, dry skin as needed. For extra dry skin on hands and feet, apply a layer at bedtime and cover with cotton gloves or socks. Avoid eyes, nose, and mouth. If rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use.



Olea europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil*, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Symphytum officinale (Comfrey) Leaf Extract*, Calendula officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract*, Arctium majus (Burdock) Root Extract*, Stellaria media (Chickweed) Herb Extract*, Plantago major (Plantain) Leaf Extract*, Lavandula officinalis (Lavender) Oil, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

*certified organic

7 reviews for Soothing Skin Ointment

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    This little jar of cream is magic! It soothes my sensitive skin and heals my chapped hands. It should be a staple in everyone’s cabinet.

  2. English


    10 /10

  3. English


    My mother got this ointment in a NB box. She decided to give it to me since I suffer from dry skin due to allergies and eczema. This ointment has helped more than the over the counter cream targeted toward eczema. It keeps my eczema patches moisturized to the max. Although its still itchy at times, this ointment keeps everything properly moisturized, its cleared them up a ton in the past 2 weeks. I will 100% be purchasing this again once I run out.

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    Our family calls this our magic cream! Everything from chapped lips, dry hands, cuts, burns, scratches, you name it. It’s our year-round, perennial Anointment favourite.

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    I use it on my face, my hands, and my legs as soon as the weather transitions to cold and my skin gets dry. It is a perfect product, I would highly recommend it to anyone in need of relief from itchy skin.

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    I received your soothing skin ointment as a gift and its been the only thing working on my 2 month old’s dry skin. It helped clear up her baby acne and now Im using it daily for her excessively dry skin. Thank you!!

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    A crew of us paddled from Maui to and then around Lana’i (about 45 miles). I was in and out of the salt water for about 8 hours so by the end of the day I had the worst bloody chaffing from my salty bra band under my right arm. When I got home Saturday night I showered and then immediately slathered the area with Anointment Soothing Skin Ointment. Immediately I had relief from the pain and now, after applying it for a week, I am totally healed up. It’s magical ointment!
    There will always be bumps, bruises, cuts, and chaffing from my paddling adventures but it’s wonderful to know I have soothing relief when I get home.

  8. English


    I love this ointment! It’s a must have for my farmer hands that often get dry, cut, scraped and chapped. I use it on my lips in the spring and fall too! Thanks for this lovely herbal blend ❤️

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