Shoo! Outdoor Body Spray

Shoo! Outdoor Bug Spray

I’d like to introduce to you our newest product: Shoo! Outdoor Body Spray. It’s not just a spray to make you smell nice, it is a bug repellant. Why didn’t we just call it bug repellant? It’s complicated, but suffice to say that cosmetic laws in Canada are sometimes baffling.

This is a product we’ve been working on since 2010. It’s been a long time coming and with lots of research and field testing, we’re pretty happy with the results! We’ve drawn on some of the latest research and traditional ingredients to make what we feel is an effective bug repellant.

The base ingredient is certified organic soybean oil. We use certified organic to ensure that the oil is NOT generated from genetically modified organisms (GMO), something we are concerned about at Anointment. Most conventionally grown soybeans are grown from GMO seeds. Soybean oil will provide protection against mosquitoes for 3 hours and up to 8 hours for black flies according to Health Canada.

We also use a considerable amount of neem oil. Neem tree oil enjoys an important position in Ayurvedic medicine and in addition to being an insect repellant it is useful in safely removing pests from plants and crops. Neem oil has a very distinct smell described by some as ‘peanuts and garlic’.

These two oils are combined and infused with lemongrass and bay leaf at low temperatures to extract the beneficial properties of these plants to the oil. Once infused the oils are strained and hand-blended with a mix of cedarwood (0.5%), lemongrass (0.5%) and eucalyptus (0.2%) essential oil.

Eucalyptus should never be taken internally and should never be applied undiluted to the skin. Please take extreme care that your children and babies do not have access to Shoo! Outdoor Body Spray or any other bug repellant product. Always apply bug spray to clothing first and then spray on an adult’s hand to apply to the skin of children. For extra safety, do not apply to the faces and hands of children under three. Wee ones are prone to putting their hands in their mouths!

All of our research indicates that this product is acceptable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. We do recommend following the same instructions as for children: spray your clothing first and then apply to skin if needed.

Shoo! Outdoor Body Spray is oil based and may stain light-coloured clothing. Mist carefully!

Most of all, get outdoors and have fun!