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New Mom & Baby (See All →)

As the parent of a new perfect baby, you will want to provide protective and nourishing baby care. Using products containing food-grade ingredients and healing herbs means you can feel confident in your decisions. From diaper rash creams, to talc free baby powder, ‘soft as baby’s skin’ will take on a whole new meaning!

Anointment products are designed to be gentle and safe for use during pregnancy and through the intense period of change and healing after the birth of your baby. Pamper your skin throughout pregnancy and help treat post-partum complaints naturally.

For Men (See All →)

Skin Care (See All →)

Our skin is exposed to the elements, working hard and living each day. A skin care routine that cleanses, moisturizes and refreshes without over drying is the perfect way to begin and end our busy days. Anointment skin care products are designed to remove dirt, purify, and moisturize gently, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Pure and simple everyday luxury.

Handcrafted Soap (See All →)

Our soaps contain 50% olive oil and a combination of coconut and palm oils to produce a high-quality, long-lasting soap. Anointment soaps create a rich lather with added shea butter to deliver intense moisture to the skin. The soap additives are simple: herbal botanicals and pure essential oils.

We recommend that our soaps be stored on a draining soap dish. When kept dry and properly drained between uses, a bar of soap will last for several weeks.

Lip Balms

Anointment lip balms are hand blended, hand poured, and created from nature’s finest ingredients.