We’ve partnered with Faire to bring you another option for wholesale ordering, especially for our retailers in the US. Faire regularly offers great incentives including net 30 and sometimes even net 60 terms and brand credits. Visit our Faire direct link to shop the entire Anointment collection now! You can even schedule delivery into the… Read More »

Exciting News! Select Anointment items, namely Baby Skin Care Essentials Gift Set, Postpartum Recovery Set, and Postpartum Bath Herbs are now available ONLINE ONLY at Chapters Indigo. Chapters Indigo is a popular shopping stop (both online and in store) for the holiday season. A convenient way to get your Anointment fix. If you’re a regular… Read More »

Anointment has been making Baby Balm for 15 years. Many things have changed since then: in 2003 ago I carried a Palm Pilot, listened to 50 cent’s “In Da Club” on repeat, and rented “Lost in Translation” at the local Blockbuster for Friday night entertainment. One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to pure,… Read More »

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re now working with Koru Distribution, the leading wholesale source for innovative eco-friendly lifestyle brands in the Canadian market, to help bring Anointment to customers quickly and conveniently. Shop online and see their stock in real time! Product ships from their warehouse in Toronto.

Since 2014 Anointment been part of Hubba, a place “where buyers find the info on products they care about and discover new stuff to love from the world’s most interesting brands.” For industry insiders, Hubba is like a LinkedIn for your products. This week Hubba is launching their Personal Care & Beauty categories and featuring… Read More »