{photo by eyecandy SIGNS INC.} Bogside Gallery in the Hydrostone Market (5527 Young Street) in Halifax, Nova Scotia’s North End is a treasure in itself. Built post-Halifax explosion, the Hydrostone Market has a uniquely European feeling and is a great neighbourhood for a leisurely stroll, a delicious coffee and croissant from nearby Julien’s European Bakery…. Read More »

The Crofter in Sackville, NB – home of Anointment Natural Skin Care headquarters. Owned by Heather Patterson, The Crofter is a great little gift and toy shop located in the heart of downtown Sackville on Bridge Street. Snuggled away in a heritage building the hardwood floors creak as you walk in while Heather and Eva… Read More »

During my lunch break I: :: fed the gold fish, Goldie and John. :: Made sure the dog was still breathing. He was. :: Ate a left over bowl of chili cashew chicken noodles, a recipe by Donna Hay. Note that mine looks nothing like her photo. I also substituted pine nuts for cashews since… Read More »

:: It’s a rainy grey day outside and the lighting is poor in the workshop today, sorry for the shadows and sharp contrasts! Filling Rose Toner bottles one at a time… :: Had only just started filling the Rose Toner bottles when the butters for Belly Butter had cooled and were ready to go. There… Read More »

:: It appears that I could use more sleep! Got my ‘soapmaking buff’ on – far cuter than a hairnet but makes me feel like a Russian Matroyshka doll. Pencil securely tucked behind ear. Here’s what I’m listening to while I work: 8 Tracks Mashups. :: Stainless Steel bowls sterilized and ready for Belly Butter-making…. Read More »