Here’s another look into the Anointment family of products. This time, Om Shanti – our BEST-SELLING soap. Its popularity is astounding and we’re surprised again and again how often we’re making new batches. Om Shanti is a phrase used in yoga and meditation that translates roughly to “I am peace” or “to bring peace”. The… Read More »

Meet Mike, a fellow Sackville Farmer’s Market vendor. I buy goat cheese from him because my children are allergic to the protein in cow’s milk. He’s being faced with going out of business because he can’t afford a very expensive piece of pasteurizing equipment the government says is required to make his cheese safe. He… Read More »

Today was *that* kind of day. The kind of day where I couldn’t stand for one more minute the amount of dust around here, the men coming in and out with the screen door banging behind them. I have a lot of Anointment work to do and was trying to get some work done when… Read More »

Each month I write a blog post for Oh My! Handmade Goodness. This month’s article features a look into why we made the move from city to rural and how Anointment and my family are working to preserve handmade heritage. With ongoing renovations in our home that are revealing a lot of great secrets! That… Read More »