The science of hand washing with soap and water is NOT to kill viruses and bacteria, but to attract them and keep them suspended in the soap so that they are removed from your hands through friction along with dirt and washed down the drain. Soap molecules are pin-shaped – one end attracts water, and… Read More »

What is Soap? Soap is made by mixing fats (an acid) and sodium hydroxide (lye). The resulting chemical reaction produces soap and glycerine. When the fats and oils come into contact with the lye they are saponifying, or turning into soap. The two most critical components of the chemical reaction are mixing between the acid… Read More »

Since we launched our zero waste refill programs, we’ve been asked several times by our retailers about how to implement such a program. Here are some hints based on my own experience with a refill program at our local farmers’ market and the insights I have gained from our retailers who are early adopters. First,… Read More »