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Behind the Scenes Part II

Filling Rose Toner

:: It’s a rainy grey day outside and the lighting is poor in the workshop today, sorry for the shadows and sharp contrasts! Filling Rose Toner bottles one at a time…

cooling Belly Butter butters

:: Had only just started filling the Rose Toner bottles when the butters for Belly Butter had cooled and were ready to go. There is a trick to cooling the butters, but I’m going to keep it my little secret…

stickering the bottles

:: Adding the lot number stickers to the jars in prep for bottling. The lot numbers correspond to the date the product was made NOT the expiry date (which is generally about 12 months from production).

Whip it Good!

:: The butters are combined with oils and emulsifiers and whipped at high speed until they reach an optimum thickness – it is REALLY tricky to do this, it is either too thin or it thickens too fast. Time, patience and lots of experience is the only way to get it right. Temperature also plays a HUGE factor. Too hot and it won’t solidify, too cool and it hardens too fast. I had lots of trouble in the heat of summer getting product to set properly.

One batch of Belly Butter

:: The results of one batch of Belly Butter. Tiny, tiny batches!


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Pink Grapefruit Soap!

Pink Grapefruit + Vanilla

Introducing a new {limited edition} soap just for summer – Pink Grapefruit with a hint of REAL vanilla! This one was a real nail-biter to create as the colourant starts out brown and it was very touch and go as to whether we’d get a lovely pink tone or Fundy mud brown. Luckily it worked out just as we had hoped.

With a combination of pink and white grapefruit essential oils and just a wee spec of coveted real vanilla essential oil, this is a soap not to be missed. Its appearances at the Sackville Farmer’s Market in Sackville, NB have given it an amazing reception – this soap MAY end up in our usual repertoire as a few of our soaps are due for retirement (more information on that coming very soon).

Available soon from The Crofter in Sackville, NB, Flow Lifestyle Boutique in Amherst, NS and Twice Upon A Time in Halifax, NS.

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Follow Your Heart To Financial Success

Progress Magazine
Progress Magazine
Progress Magazine Volume 19, No. 2

The following is an article written about Anointment Natural Skin Care in the latest issue of Progress Magazine, a regional business magazine.

[small business]

Follow Your Heart To Financial Success

“The best piece of advice I’ve had from another entrepreneur was, ‘if you run your business from your heart, success will follow,’” says April MacKinnon, owner of Anointment Natural Skin Care. That advice is from Jeremy Long, owner of Padraig Cottage Ltd., whose slipper business started in North Vancouver and whose products are now sold in boutiques across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. “I believe authenticity is important, and so is standing behind your principles,” says MacKinnon, “no matter what your financial statements may say.”

It’s her deeply rooted principles about the importance of natural skin care and providing products that don’t comprise her customers’ health or the environment that drives MacKinnon – and it’s paying off. From her base in rural Sackville, NB, MacKinnon, AGE, has expanded her wholesale business across Canada, reaching as far as Edmonton, AB. “We’ve gone from selling in four stores in Nova Scotia to fulfilling orders for 30 stores nationally,” says MacKinnon.

A civil engineer by trade, MacKinnon left the profession in 2006 to pursue the natural health products market full time. She bought Anointment in the spring of 2009. She and her husband, Jeff, moved their growing family from Dartmouth, NS back to her home town of Sackville, NB in YEAR. They are now parents to Anna, 6, Cameron, 5, and Andrew, 1. MacKinnon is a stay-at-home mom who runs Anointment from their 150-year-old farm house.

To grow her business, MacKinnon focuses on the baby and children market. “I find boutiques and online websites that cater to moms like me – women who care about what we’re putting on our family’s skin.” MacKinnon gets weekly requests from stores wanting to carry Anointment products.

“I think the most important thing when supplying to retailers across the county is to commit to supporting them,” says MacKinnon. “You have to treat your retailers well – get your orders out on time, help with merchandizing, be accessible. Basically, empower them to sell your product as well as you would if you were in their stores. And never underestimate the power of professional branding. It gives retailers more confidence in your product.”

Her future plans include opening an Anointment retail store in Sackville, NB, and joining the Atlantic economusee network. “Soap making is physically demanding, but really rewarding. I want to contribute to the local economic development here and job creation – I want to employ women like me who have a strong business sense and young children.” – Heather MacLean

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Adapted from Soulemama‘s “…Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.”

Rather than capture a “moment”, I feel inspired to capture the small details around me, to remind me to stop and smell the roses in this new iteration of our lives.

Herbal Clay Cleanser

This is a photo from the ACTS booth display. I love how the blue label of the Herbal Clay Cleanser contrasts the calendula flowers (in lovely apothecary jars loaned to me by Aunt Pam).

If you’ve noticed interesting {details} around you, please share or leave a link in the comments.

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Wholesale Policy Changes

Effective February 1, there are wholesale policy changes to new accounts applying to retail Anointment Natural Skin Care products.

  • We thoroughly research each application prior to opening a wholesale account. This is to ensure that our product is being represented in a manner befitting of our boutique line, to ensure that reasonable territory for your customer base is available and not established by another retailer.
  • No new accounts will be opened for online/web-based only businesses at this time. This includes web-based shops with “in home” show rooms.
  • Online sales are permitted for physical stores who also have an online/e-commerce component.
  • Retailers not placing an order for one year will be removed from our retailer list.
  • Minimum opening orders of $200 are required
  • Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.