The Perfect Soap Dish

Shave Soap, all lathered up

Sarah Bonnyman Round Soap Dish

I often get asked by people new to round soap (and handmade soap) what kind of soap dish to use. The best answer is a draining soap dish that has slots to allow your soap to dry between uses. Natural soap contains a significant amount of glycerine which is produced in the super-interesting but complicated-from-a-chemistry-perspective saponification process. This glycerine makes your soap soft, silky and a treat for your skin. Our soap also contains 50% olive oil, which makes it soft and remarkably gentle. If the soap is allowed to sit in a puddle of water, you will eventually end up with ‘smoosh’ for lack of a better technical term. Drainage is key and with proper storage, your bar of Anointment soap should last for weeks – well beyond the commercial stuff!

This summer I went to check my mail box and found this lovely gift carefully wrapped and packaged from one of our longtime customers – you know you have a loyal following when your customers send you gifts in the mail, it was a treat that warmed my heart – and don’t worry, I sent a gift back as a thank you!

This soap dish fits all the requirements for a natural, round soap like Anointment‘s. It is crafted by Sarah Bonnyman, a potter in Tatamagouche, NS. The raised slots allow water to drain and the size is just perfect for our soaps. Having looked on her website, I don’t see said soap dish available, but if you happen to be in Tatamagouche, check out her shop, or give her a call, I’m sure she’d love to hear from you!