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Anointment Natural Skin Care knows that real beauty is organic and natural, just like our ingredients. That’s why Anointment is good for your body and the environment. Pure and simple: that’s our skin care and our way of life. Celebrating 10 years in business in 2013! Read more about us ยป

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December 10, 2017
On the tenth day of Christmas, Anointment gave to me…25% off beard & shave products

On the tenth day of Christmas, Anointment gave to me Ten Lords a leaping over 25% off men’s shaving and facial care (and free shipping … Read More →

What our customers say

  • I have a confession to make… I haven’t bathed with a bar of soap in about ten years. I hate it. I find it drying and annoying to hold. I have always used body wash and a poof- sometimes good, natural stuff, but more often drug store products full of garbage. About six months ago I switched to Dr. Bronner’s almond liquid soap and like it a lot.

    And then you sent me the soap scrubbie to photograph and my life changed. Now, NOW APRIL, I use the Holiday Soap every shower and I LOVE IT. It smells delicious, it’s soft to hold, it’s soft around the edges, it lathers, and it’s not drying (I find Dr. Bronner’s a bit drying, to be honest). Seriously amazing product you and Organic Quilt Company put together. Way to go!!

Gillian, NS